Histoire & Philosophie

Jacques Sax and his son Stefan designed and constructed the hotel. When it first opened in November 2013, Susan, daughter of Jacques, took over the management and operation of Hotel 46A and restaurant “Vidy Lunch Café”.

Jacques initially planned to construct a new building at the center of Lausanne for his business and label SONOSAX, known for selling HI-FI equipment and developing the SONOSAX SX-S, the “Mixer of Choice” for the film industry since its entry on the market in 1983.

However, canton ordinances limited construction at the city center and instead, the state offered him a piece of land at the south of the city. The new location was bigger than expected but it was ideally situated near Lake Leman and within walking distance to the city, bus stop and train station. Eventually, Jacques decided to open an apartment-hotel and restaurant as an affordable alternative to the hotels in the area—back in 2008, there were hardly any “serviced-apartment” type establishments in the region.

Jacques and his family collaborated to put up a “home away from home” for visitors in Switzerland. They were avid travelers themselves and envisioned a hotel especially designed for comfort and convenience, having rooms fully furnished to fit the needs of a home with hotel amenities and services. What would set them apart from others is the family-like atmosphere—a warm, welcoming and exceptionally comfortable ambiance.

Today, Hotel 46A stands as an ideal choice for those who want to feel “at home” and experience genuine hospitality in Switzerland.

Vidy Lunch Café

Jacques’ original concept was for a Japanese restaurant in the hotel and the bar was set up to cater to sushi, drinks and an overall social ambiance from breakfast to dinner. However, city rules did not allow liquor to be sold in the area so the family re-conceptualized the restaurant into the “Vidy Lunch Café”, offering tasty yet healthy meals using local, fresh produce and seasonal ingredients, from breakfast to lunch—even the drinks are homemade!

The restaurant’s locavore choices (local and seasonal dishes) will tempt your taste buds with the flavor, scents and colors of local products, brilliantly mixed and matched for your culinary pleasure. There are not enough days in the year to sample everything as they change their menu every now and then—expect a new dish every day and the Chef’s offer every week.  And once in a while, they have delicacies from other countries!

Vidy Lunch Café is open Monday-Friday, 7:00 – 16:00 | Lunch served from 11:30 – 14:00